Scholarship Eligibility 

and Application

      About Scholarship

We provide a limited number of scholarships to the eligible students. The scholarship covers 50% of the course fees, you are required to pay the balance to get access to the course.

      Scholarship Eligibility

To be eligible for the scholarship, a student should be:

  • self-funded;

  • a national of and/or work and live in one of the countries in receipt of development assistance (please refer to the list here);

  • not employed by an organisation that has its own means of professional education support.


Organisations that are considered to have their own means for professional education support are for example:

  • multinational corporations, large national and/or a large commercial organisations;

  • bilateral donor organisations (e.g. USAID, DFID, Danida, FinAid, AusAid, SwissAid);

  • multilateral donor organisations, (e.g. a UN organisation, the World Bank, the IMF, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank, IADB);

  • international NGO’s (e.g. Oxfam, Plan, Care).


  • Coverage:   50% of course fees

  • Application processing time: three working days

  • Number of scholarships: limited

  • Requirements: please refer to eligibility criteria


2010 - present

2010 - present

      Application Process

To apply for the scholarship, please fill in the form below. We also require submitting your up to date CV and/or a link to your LinkedIn public profile. We reserve the right to ask for references or for additional information.


Please note that the number of scholarships is limited; apply earlier to reserve a place.


To complete your application please also email us your CV on


We are committed to consider your application within three working days and we will get back to you in a due course.


If you have any questions regarding the scholarship eligibility or would like to enquire about the status of your application, please send us an email on